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Hello, my name is Jokūbas.

I was born a little over a year ago and I am very curious to learn all the new wonders of this world! Everything around me is so interesting, beautiful, tender, colorful, and soft.
Unfortunately, I can’t explore as much as I want to, because I find it very difficult to move around. I do my best to push myself forward, but it’s very hard. Doctors say that when I grow up I will not be able to walk, run, ride a bike, play basketball or climb the mountains.
I was born different – I have the right femur deficiency. My right leg is significantly shorter than the left one. That is why I find even small distances challenging.
I need complicated surgery, the surgery would give me a possibility to walk and live a full life.

Jokūbas’ case is one of a hundred thousand

He was born without the right femur.

1-year-old was boy born with a right femur deficiency. In simple terms – he was born without a right hip. Untreated, the child will never be able to walk a step in his life. Luckily, there’s hope for him to be able to have a happy childhood and the rest of his life – an operation. 

The baby crucially needs complicated surgery. The foot of the child has to be rotated 180 degrees and a knee joint must be formed from the ankle joint. In the case of successful operation, little Jacob would have the opportunity to walk with a leg prosthesis.

Jokūbas’ fairytale started sadly… However, together we can give him a happy ending!

The child needs complex surgery.

We are fundraising the money for Jokūbas surgery.

This rare and complex operation is performed in Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute by dr. Dror Paley in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This surgery can be performed by Dr. Dror Paley – the pioneer of limb extension and deformity correction surgery. Dr. Paley has accumulated great experience in this field and transfers his discoveries and know-how to younger surgeons all over the world.

The operation is the only hope for the little boy to walk and live a full life. 

However, this surgery is very expensive – it costs 400 000 euros and has to be performed in a period of 2 years, so the little boy could develop in a healthy and timely manner. 

We will publish a detailed cost estimate of the surgery soon.

Jokūbas’ family pleads for your help – please donate for the boy’s surgery.
All you have to do is select the most convenient payment method below and transfer your chosen amount to Jokūbas’ Support Fund. All money collected by the Fund will be allotted for the boy’s surgery.

Give Jokūbas the chance to walk.


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Payee: Gavėjas: Jokūbo Melkūno labdaros ir paramos fondas

Jokūbas’ story

Jokūbas is still too small to tell his story by himself, but we can do that for him. Please support and follow his story on social media. 

Jokūbas story in press
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Be dešinio šlaunikaulio gimęs Jokūbas – pozityvus mažylis, kuriam reikalinga sudėtinga operacija

Jokubas’ story is to be continued…


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